Beginning the Championship activities, Hanshi Julius Thiry directed kata and kumite seminars for participants in a series of 8 Seminars.  In addition to the system's head instructor, were Sensei Katherine Jones-Thiry, Shihan Seiji Nishimura, Sensei Adam S. Kovacs and Sensei Junko Arai conducting vigorous and well attended intensives inclusive of techniques that have made the system world renowned for its attention to time honored detail.

IMG_3324 Hanshi Julius Thiry

Attended by 14 Countries and over 750 Competitors, the Championship was regulated by national and international referees inclusive of USA, USA-NKF AND AAU visitors that accompanied international dignitaries and supporters.  Notable attendees included Dr. Istvan Simicsko, Minister of Sports, Mr. Tamas Wittinghoff, Mayor of the Host City, with Hanshi Julius Thiry, President of IHSKF, Dr. Janos Meszaros as the Hungarian National Federation President with many other important dignitaries.  Organizer ZsuZsa Klima was able to deliver a superb tournament with assistance from Hungarian clubs and senseis eager to put forward a memorable event.  By all accounts, it was an outstanding tournament with the highest levels of expertise coupled with an elevated sense of the kind of camaraderie that make such meets worthwhile.

Attached are photographs of special, if not random, moments of those of the youngest and most novice levels to world class competitors.  Kudos to those who participated at every level and to those who support the long efforts of students, coaches, medical personnel, parents, referees, instructors, and organizers who have selflessly dedicated their time and resources on behalf of the best practices of traditional Karate-do.

Watch a highlight video of the event here!

IMG_1255 IMG_1353 IMG_1403 IMG_1887 Kumite Seminar IMG_1889 Kumite Seminar IMG_1891 Sensei Nishimura IMG_1893 (Medium) IMG_1901 Kata Seminar Sensei Katherine Jones Thiry IMG_1902 (Medium) IMG_1916 (Medium) IMG_1918 (Medium) IMG_1961 (Medium) IMG_1966 (Medium) IMG_2078 (Medium) IMG_2153 Hanshi Thiry, Sensei Angelo Giaccari IMG_2222 Adam S. Kovacs IMG_2233_16-51 IMG_2304_16-52 IMG_2398 (Medium) IMG_2415 (Medium) IMG_2422 S.Kovacs, Sensei Giaccari, Hanshi Thiry, Shihan Nishimura IMG_2445 Kata Seminar IMG_2457 (Medium) IMG_2492 Sensei Junko Arai Member of the IHSKF Technical Committee IMG_2497 Unshu IMG_2498 Unshu IMG_2499 Unshu IMG_2506 Unshu IMG_2508 Unshu IMG_2524 (Medium) IMG_2652 (Medium) IMG_2659_17-03 IMG_2724 (Medium) IMG_2726 (Medium) IMG_2741 (Medium) IMG_2753 (Medium) IMG_2870 (Medium) IMG_2900 (Medium) IMG_2921 (Medium) IMG_3027 Referees of the Championship IMG_3086 Young Competitors IMG_3092 Referees IMG_3106 Dr.T.G,Burke, Shihan Kurdi, Sensei Joe Mirza, Dr. Istvan Simicsko, Dr. Janos Meszaros IMG_3119 Thomas Burke, Secretary General IHSKF IMG_3133 Sensei Day, Member of IHSKF Technical Committee IMG_3134 Sensei Chuck Sweigardt, Chief Referee IHSKF IMG_3150 Sensei Peter Turak, Referee Committee IMG_3151 Sensei Tamas Molnar, Referee Committee IMG_3160 Sensei Mirza, President AAU Karate IMG_3167 Coach from Italy IMG_3169 (Medium) IMG_3187 Hanshi Julius Thiry receiving Hungarian Government Recognition Award IMG_3196 Dr.Janos Meszaros, President of the Hungarian Karate Federation with Hanshi Thiry. IMG_3224_15-22 IMG_3225_15-22 IMG_3267 Adam S. Kovacs, Shihan Seiji Nishimura, Two World Kumite Champions IMG_3271 Kumite Seminar Team IMG_3291_15-29 IMG_3294 Presentation IMG_3324 Hanshi Julius Thiry IMG_3742 Jr. Medal Presentation by Sensei Angelo Giaccari from Italy. IMG_3502 Holiday gift candy presentation by Children IMG_3379_15-41 IMG_3383_15-41 IMG_3453_15-44 IMG_3632_16-01 IMG_3793_16-14 IMG_3816_16-24 IMG_3895 Sensei Katherine Jones Thiry IMG_4186 Sensei Katherine Jones Thiry former Kata World Silver Medalist greets friends IMG_4189 Action IMG_4774 German Delegation IMG_4789 A Strong Delegation