Bruce A. Sako

Bruce -sako




  • Attended Rainier Beach High School and went on to do undergraduate studies at the University of Washington.
  • Married to Kathy and have one daughter, Marcie. Both have practiced Karate with the WKA and Marcie realized a Shodan Black Belt ranking. My daughter and her husband Ray have given us a 2 ½ Y/O grandson, Ray III.
  • We currently reside in Federal Way, WA


  • Graduated from the University of Washington Dental School and was selected for a US Public Health Service residency for two years. I currently practice Family Dentistry in both the Seattle and Renton areas. I also teach goldwork at the University of Washington Dental School to third and fourth year students.


  • Started Shito-Ryu Karate with the WKA under Hanshi Julius Thiry and Sensei Linda Marquardt in 1990. Am currently a Sandan Black Belt training at the Bellevue Dojo under Sensei Junko Arai. I also have a Shodan Black Belt ranking in Kenshin-Ryu Kobudo under Sensei Thomas Burke.
  • I was the past Medical Chair for USA Karate and hold the same position with the WSKF.

Besides Karate I enjoy saltwater fishing, shooting pool and playing with my grandson.